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Energy, talent and passion is what OctOver represents. A different group that makes us vibrate and feel the music from inside.


OctOver is comprised of eight professional classical string players, a drummer and a composer who also takes care of our arrangements.

We have all been educated in the best conservatories throughout Spain and Europe, developing our professional skills in the most prestigious orchestras in the country. Despite our youth, we have an extensive experience in chamber music, orchestral and film recording, as well as in production of cultural projects in different fields.

Our musical interests brought us together to form our own group, and OctOver was born! The energy, the talent and the quality of each member's interpretation is what distinguishes us and gives OctOver its own style.

In its first year, OctOver performed in some of Madrid's best venues, including Galileo Galilei and Cafe Berlin, as well as appearing with great success at the 'Actua Madrid' festival in Paseo del Prado.

What people say...

“Lots of energy, lots of fun. We've been jumping with non stop.”

“I loved it, wonderful arrangements and these people play great.”

“You are so great. I hope everything goes awesome for you because you're worth it.”

“You are awesome, original and have a road ahead full of success.”

“It has been great. They play very well and they smile continuously so they transmit a lot of joy. Congratulations!”

“I never imagined I could live rock this way with classical instruments.”


Pilar Rubio Albalá


Marta Morán Serrano


Irene de la Riva García


Anna Sibila García


Isabel Cortés Maisonave


Ana Chamorro Moreno


Teresa LLi Rumbau


Sara Morgado Martín


Jose Luis  González Sanchís


Jaime Gutiérrez Domínguez



Puro Rock

We would like to present to you our very first work, "Puro Rock", a selection of the great Rock Hits of all time.

When this CD was still just a dream, we carefully chose each theme song and, being aware of where we come from, we proposed a version that we knew won't leave you indifferent at all.

We are sure that you've already heard the eleven gems that are part of "Puro Rock" many times, but we also know you would have never listen to them in this way: 4 violins, 2 violas, and 2 violoncellos with drums... Way too cool!

Getting you to find the voices of artists like Jon Bon Jovi or Freddie Mercury strummed on our strings or making you feel the emotion of jumping instantly like in the live concerts of Mago de Öz or AC/DC, is our challenge.

Elegance, power and virtuosity at the service of the genious of each theme, this is OctOver, this is "Puro Rock".

Upcoming Concerts


Saturday March 07, 2020, 10:00 pm


Teatro Monumental

Calle Atocha, 65